Stock Market Down, Bear Market

Stocks Sink Again, Energy Shares Tumble

Another Full Correction Mode Here we go again, with the stock market in full correction mode for the second time in 6 months. The market is trying to sort out its concerns over the slowdown in China, weak oil and commodity prices, and concerns about the Fed’s monetary policy. Recession? However, an analysis of current economic […]

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Smartphone with finance and market icons and symbols concept

Our Site Is Now Mobile-Friendly!

Did you know that nearly 2/3 of Americans are now smartphone owners? According to the PEW Research Center’s 2015 report, we’re relying more on our phones for information primarily because of their convenience and portability, whether we have other ways or accessing the internet or not. You won’t see much difference in the look of […]

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aging parents

Caring for Aging Parents: What Should I Do?

My parents can’t manage alone any more. Are one or both of your parents having health problems, suffering mental lapses, or just slowing down with age? Do you find they can’t manage on their own anymore? If so, you’ll want to consider the various living arrangements that are available to older individuals. Before you begin, […]

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social security

Facts About Social Security Benefits

It’s easy to take Social Security for granted when retirement is years away, but with 94% of the U.S. workforce covered by Social Security, it’s likely that this program will play a role in your financial future, perhaps even sooner than you think. Here are some facts and statistics from the Social Security Administration that […]

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senior couple in retirement

Are You Ready to Retire?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not you are ready to retire. Is your nest egg adequate? It’s obvious, but the earlier you retire, the less time you’ll have to save, and the more years you’ll be living off of your retirement savings. The average American can expect to live […]

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How Can I Lower My Auto Insurance Bill?

Yes, you can. Insurance companies base auto insurance rates on a number of criteria, such as age, driving record, residence, and type of car driven. If you find that you’re paying more than you think you should for insurance, there are ways you can lower your premiums. Shop around: Auto rates vary from company to […]

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money in mattress

Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

It’s the end of the year! Do you know where your money is? December and January are the perfect months to look back at what you earned, saved and spent during the past year. Take some time to get your financial house in order at this time. How much have you saved? Whether you just […]

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